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Getting things done with Tracks


I am very much into this social networking stuff and thus happily played around with I have my many feeds spread across several tabs now. On my tab technews I am rssding ("reading" plus "rss" ;)) NewsForge: The Online Newspaper for Linux and Open Source.

Today they fed me this: Getting things done with Tracks, which leads to the full article at

To make a long story short: The heading (GTD) caught my eye, so I felt I had to tell you about this. Apparently the author uses a software called Tracks to GTD.

I was determined to adopt the popular organizational method. I searched for a solid software tool to track projects and next actions, and found dozens of desktop-oriented applications to choose from. One of the GTD axioms is to collect all of your tasks, projects, and lists in one place; since I regularly use four PCs and laptops and a mobile phone, finding a GTD-aware tool that would run as a Web app was paramount. I settled on Tracks; it is open source, easy to use, and accessible from anywhere.-
--- End quote ---

I have not tried to GTD, with or without Tracks; however I remembered it was a rather important "thing" (for lack of a better word) on I hope someone will GMTD (get more things done) with tracks, or at least G1TD (get one thing done). While I didn't take active part in the GEO experiment I do have it in the back of my mind constantly.

Anyway, maybe someone finds it useful. At least you will be reminded of GEO :D

This software scares me.  If I actually got something done, I would probably die outright.


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