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Mention of Find and Run Robot in!

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thanks amadawn, that means a lot to me.

for those interested in following the long thread and discussion that amadawn is referring to see this post where we discussed it:

and the full usenet thread here:

its actually a thread started on the usenet group alt.comp.freeware but mirrored on some web forums.


Hey, what are the other 2?!? :)

Total Commander - I live in this app - Windows Explorer replacement.

Beyond Compare - don't use it quite as often since discovering Total Commander, but when I need it, it's still the best at what it does - file and folder comparison and synchronization.

The previous transformative utilities which I've been using for 20 years (though they are still being enhanced every year) and are still very useful, are the command processors (replacements for cmd.exe) from Very powerful commands, incredible batch file capabilities.

I should also mention my two recent great loves: Clipmate and Roboform

Of course Irfanview is superb.

These are all from small developers.
Every 2-4 years I come across a utility which is so good that it transforms my work style. I can think of three such utilities in the past decade; FARR is one of those 3.
-jdmarch (January 27, 2006, 06:51 PM)
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-Amadawn (January 27, 2006, 08:03 PM)
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