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Streaming server ?

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Are the videos set to run on one program for each computer?
Perhaps installing the same software for viewing the videos on the download computer can be installed on the tv computer.

In another words, if one is set to quick time and the other wmp then that might slow down the connection.

Plus wireless is not as good as wired in my opinion.
100 ft cat 6 cords are not priced too badly from

windows media encoder, run that on your regular usage computer with the video running, then open windows media player on the computer conected to the tv, connect to the ip of your regular usage computer and the port you set up. example I think 8080 is the default port. I hope that isn't confusing.

Just google windows media encoder, I am sure you could find it there with good instructions on using it.

All you need is VLC.

As if no one mentioned it. (I have a friend that uses it for this purpose)


Has anyone actually got this to work for live tv?

VLA seems promising, i will give it a try.

Thanks Nighted.

I will also looking at the ones cmpm suggested.


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