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Streaming server ?

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I am looking for a streaming server for use at home, basically i have two systems at home one connected to TV and the other for a regular use. both are connected wireless to internet.

with this setup i would like to stream video,audio from one box to another and i certainly don't want to copy the entire file.

Does any one know of any streaming servers that supports most of the video formats ?


So you have a computer with a tv card and can watch tv on it and you want to stream that tv to another computer?

NO... Usually i download videos to my regular-usage system and would like to stream those videos to the the computer that is connected to TV.

Basically i would like to watch all the video on the TV.

Don't know about the streaming part-as in while its playing on the computer it plays on the computer connected to the tv.

I would like to see if there are answers to your question also.
Because I have a computer that has a tv card and does well with tv, but there isn't anyway to stream it to my other computers that I know of.

For your videos on the computer not connected to the tv, you could set them to share and they would be in your 'network places' on the computer connected to the tv.

Anyways I'll be watching to see if there is a streaming as in live stream for tv.

network sharing is too slow and the player stops(hangs) several time during the playback.

With streaming may be i can reduce the quality (low resolution) and play the video at a decent speed.


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