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IDEA: Clipboard Chain broken notifier

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Just before Oubliette copies a password to clipboard, it registers itself in the chain, and then does not forward the clipboard notification to the next app in chain. Immediately after that the chain is restored.

This prevents *any* clipboard extender from capturing the clip
-tranglos (May 25, 2007, 08:30 AM)
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Cool!  But it's limited to PROPER clipboard managers. I've seen lots of crappy ones over the year, usually weekend VB projects, that use a polling timer instead of clipboard event notification.  These poorly-written ones could steal the password.
Also, this technique won't work on Vista.

Thanks for the feedback.  From this chain, I'm thinking one thing to do that might help out is to ensure that my clipboard manager starts later than most software at startup.  Conversely, a monitoring application should be the very first thing to start to ensure it's at the end.

It also indicates that exiting and restarting a program should restore it's clipboard chain in all cases, except when there is something really strange is going on with the system.  In that case it's probably time for a reboot.

Regarding the password manager/clipboard items: can't the issue of pasting be circumvented by using a text send command instead of a paste? 
I'm referring to something similar to Autohotkey's send or sendinput commands.  I have found them to be a little slower than pasting, but in the case of a password this shouldn't be an issue.
It would at least be a good method option to include in password software that could be set as a default, with a fall back option to pasting with a warning or similar.



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