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C# -- Help Needed -- Where is CRC.EXE - .NET SDK Installed

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Thanks guys!

Yes f0dder, I have the same folders + the 3.0 one because I installed it while searching for csc.exe :) I don't know what happened. I checked the "search" history in Start->Search and no mispellings. The only logical explanation would be the following. I didn't restart the PC after installation. So may be the files got auto-generated or something AFTER the restart? Ahh well, it's here now. I should have restarted the PC anyway before I spoke.

By the way, I really like the way C# looks. It makes me wonna learn it. It looks just like Java (I knew this since the very first day it got introduced). This .NET got released after MS settled the issue with SUN Microsystems over MS's modification of Java and making the programs built wth J++ incompatible with other operating systems than Windows. I remember later they introduced .NET and C# etc....

kyrathaba: that's only if it hasn't been installed to a custom folder - better use the %windir% environment variable or read the install location from the registry.

SkyIDE: files should have been copied there while installing, not after reboot. But the built-in search thingy of Windows is annoying sometimes... like skipping certain folders depending on configuration options and such.

Good point f0dder.  Yes, best to make doubly sure with the environment variable %windir%. 

By the way, I really like the way C# looks. It makes me wonna learn it.
--- End quote ---

Yes, it has a concise, elegant syntax (in my eyes, anyway)


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