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C# -- Help Needed -- Where is CRC.EXE - .NET SDK Installed

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Hi Everyone

PLEASE don't let this discourage you as I can assure you -- once I find my way around this, I will succeed.
I am confident. The logic is all the same!

Ok, I am new to .NET, my first language is C++ so please don't mind if I ask a stupid question or if I sound like a complete newbie :) I've looked at the C# syntax and I understand it 100% since it is like Java which is like C++. There will be no problem adding support. I mean, I even added a Pascal support (which is a different syntax) and had never done Pascal before so C# is no problem.
Here is the problem:

I thought I already had the C# compiler installed and I thought it was cl.exe but it turns out it is not. It is csc.exe.
I installed .NET 2.0 SDK, and .NET 3.0 SDK but csc.exe is still missing! Where is this file? Isn't this the C# compiler?

I need it in order to add support for it in SkyIDE. I need to make SkyIDE understand csc.exe's output. I was about to start writing the compiling bit for C# when I realised I am missing the compiler.
Ok, all I need to know is where to find csc.exe -- which package do I install. May be MS Visual Studio Express Edition?

For me, it's located in %WINDIR%\Microsoft.NET\Framework\{version}.

I found it!!! THANK YOU. We are back in business! Last time I "searched" it found nothing! Doesn't matter. It's here now :) Maybe I mispelled the word.

There's probably some registry entr{y,ies} you can check for installation location, and perhaps even a nice way of detected the most recent version available - I have the following. Dunno if they came from Visual Studio, or dotNET updates from Windows Update...

--- ---15-01-2007  00:55    <DIR>          v1.0.3705
24-01-2007  22:31    <DIR>          v1.1.4322
08-02-2007  12:50    <DIR>          v2.0.50727

On a WindowsXP machine, the command line "csc.exe" compiler should be located in this directory:


On a WinNT machine it should be here:



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