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IDEA: delay F1 key

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 :) This option has been added to CAPshift.

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I have to say I have a habbit of going to press the Escape or Function Lock key, and my finger slips off and on to the recessed User button so that the flipping PC hybernates. :(

The user key in Windows can tell the system to Sleep, Hybernate or Shutdown. Why can't it pop up a shutdown dialogue I could choose from these three or cancel if I hit it by mistake. Actually I do intentionally use it when the screen is of as this machine is also a Print Server on the home network so a default on a 5/10 second countdown would work too.

The recess on my logitec keyboard I'm sure is intended to stop me hitting it by accident, but when I slip a regular key would stop a side on press, so the recessed key is just worse.

I know these extended keys (Function Lock & User) can be a pain to program, which is why I've never done anything to fix it. If anyone knows a way to break out their extended functionality I'd be greatful. The Function Lock feature is a pain too as the system starts or restores with the function keys in extended mode and requires me to press it before I get access to F1-F12 again, and TBH, I never use them for anything else.

A program for Function Lock On/Off at startup like the numerous Caps/Scroll/NumLoc programs would be fab, but I don't think it's possible because the state of FLock is held internally in the keyboard and not transmitted to the PC... I think. Either that or I'm not using low enough level APIs to catch it.

This thread has some ideas for f-lock fixing:

- Oshyan


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