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The sorry state of open source today: Thought-provoking, self-critical article


Thought-provoking and self-critical article on Open Source developments..

This editorial is an experiment. It was originally written by Radu-Cristian Fotescu for his blog, but he offered us the chance to publish it here on The Jem Report as well. It is extremely long, and divided up into separate pages, which is something I don't usually do with articles. So the format in which this is published is the first experiment. The second experiment is a matter of this article's content. I don't agree with everything Radu-Cristian says in his article, but I very much agree with what he is doing, which is to take a brutally honest look at the failures of the open source community and demand that we begin to recognize them instead of continuing to ignore the parts that aren't working correctly. This is the first step in fixing some of the problems that frustrate us all as GNU/Linux and *BSD users. Maybe it's time for a great re-examination of our processes and attitudes, and think about what needs to be done to create great software instead of continuing to perpetuate old mistakes on the basis that tradition, politics, rhetoric, and dogma are more important than critical thinking.

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Sounds like it might be an interesting read, so I guess I might as well brew some coffee.

mouser: is a good place to hear intelligent OS/linux friendly comments on such articles:

I made it to page 14 so far (had to go eat with the gf), and now the site is timing out - sigh. Pretty interesting while it lasted, although some of the license/patent stuff is a bit dull.

Sounds like it might be an interesting read, so I guess I might as well brew some coffee.
-f0dder (April 16, 2007, 01:33 AM)
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Make a cup for me ;). The site is going slooooowwww...


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