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A better DU Meter


How about a DU meter that has the same capabilities has the orginal paid version with the added benefit that allows the user to see what program is actually DLing or UPLing in real time.....

Many times the original DL Meter shows internet DL and/or UPL going on in my system and even I get hard pushed trying to figure out what program is doing what.
It would be nice and quick to find that info inside my DL UPL meter....instead of me having to guess and then dig around inside my firewall...safer too ;)

Carol Haynes:
I asked a similar question recently and was pointed at which helped me track down which app was constantly chattering. It is a really useful app showing you what is going on with your internet connection and it is free!

I used to use DU meter (just to monitor how much bandwidth I was consuming each month) but I do think that apps like that should be light touch on your system (which DUMeter seems to be). The trouble is the task you suggest really is not trivial - it is hard to track down what is happening at times because applications make use of other processes like SVCHOST.EXE, which is part of windows, and it isn't that easy to find out which app is responsible as there are often multiple copies of these other processes in use simultaneously.


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