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You can already do that. Just do
--- ---search 100 farenheit in celsius, and press enter :)

(explanation: google can make conversions like that)

yes, jgpaiva, I know, but that requires a browser window to be opened and google to do its magic. I'd like instant results within FARR. 

Laughing Man:
Just wondering, in Firefox and Opera you can set keyword searches. So if I go to Wikipedia and create a search for w. When I type w "whatever I'm looking for" it comes up in my web browser. I realize FARR has this same capability (as I've used it myself for google and I think Wikipedia once). But can we create searches anywhere that has a search engine? How would we add that to FARR?

Also, an idea for a plugin (inspired by the launcher dash video I saw). Google calendar support. Though I'm not sure how it would be implemented. Though if it's possible to create a new event then it should also let you edit reoccurence and add a note to it.

i had a really cool idea for a plugin (and ps there are still a couple of plugin writer cody mugs available for any plugin coders):

The idea is a plugin that will let you easily search your own custom text files in different formats.  Call it "Custom TextData Searcher"

It would work like this:
In the options of the plugin you can configure a list of files.
For each file the user specifies:

* Filename, for example "mydefinitions.txt"
* Regex pattern to match each RESULT ENTRY (e.g. line, paragraph, etc.); group matching () is allowed, for example "Item: (.*) = (.*)"
* Text pattern to show in results list, e.g. $$1 (see this item is from the regex match above).
* Text pattern to show in text box when a result is selected, e.g. $$2 (again from above).
The plugin will essentially load in the ext file and parse it into entries according to the regex pattern, and then use the result and text patterns for returning results to FARR.

It should also check the file data when triggered so it can auto-reload changed files, so that it is always up to date, even with things like log files.

Seems like it could be quite useful.

that's a very good idea and it would be much useful
and i believe people would create quite interesting stuff

the really cool idea is to use a regex pattern to parse the files  :Thmbsup:

--- ---Text pattern to show in text box when a result is selected, e.g. $$2 (again from above).or the ability to copy the text pattern to the clipboard
or even better to specify a file which will take care of the result : copytoclipboard.exe $$2

Cheers, Nitrix


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