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I would like to see a plugin, if someone is willing, or perhaps a separate app which integrates farr into the windows taskbar similar to google deskbar and allows it to always be displayed and have results popup from the taskbar. This would be awesome and make farr that much nicer to access. You can even assign a custom hotkey to focus the taskbar portion of farr and type your search there. Any takers?

stop spamming us with this crazy request   ;D

Two more plugin requests:

1) a plugin that can run an exe with commandline parameters and capture its stdout and show it in results memo view (note that users could use this with the explicit dll invocation technique to make their own alias configurations that use your dll to run any commandline program and capture the output).

2) a plugin that can fetch a web page and then extract text from the webpage (using a regex mask) and display text (stripped of html) as farr result memo.  (again this should use the explicit dll invocation technique to let people configure their own aliases that fetch different pages and use different regex matches).  The uses for this one are practically unlimited.

note: i guess that #1 might benefit from a regex mask as well, making these two plugins 95% identical.

[plugin request]

a plugin that would show any webpage (local or on the internet)

it would be handy for some to have somekind of "homepage" when opening FARR (i guess it would be better with a local page... or some caching mechanism)

it would also be handy to "launch" bookmarklets ...

i'm thinking also skype buttons etc.


plugin that shows list of of add/remove entries and select to uninstall.
-mouser (June 28, 2007, 12:16 PM)
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Done. :)


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