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I would love to see a plugin to integrate locate32 into farr. There has been many requests for this so this would probably be one of the most popular plugins! See here for example.

Locate32's sources are available so that shouldn't stop you! I'd be happy to donate a few credits to the best solution.

As said before in this thread, Total Commander has a plugin for this, so perhaps if someone would be more interesting in supporting TC plugins as FARR plugins indirectly it would incorporate this request.


Adding an indexing *option* to FARR is planned.  Not as part of the version 2 release though.
There is a reasonable chance that I will actually use the Locate32 codebase, since the Locate32 author comes here occasionally and is a nice person, with lots of fans here of his excellent program.  Not sure yet though.

But anyway, as tempting as it might be to try to write an indexing plugin, or a plugin that tries to emulate this by searching locate databases, it's probably not an ideal solution to do it as a plugin -- it should be part of the core functionality.

(if there are any ambitious good c++ coders who want to work with me on adding some really fast and custom indexing code to FARR let me know!)

Ooops ok take that post as a good starting point for resources ;)

if someone would be more interesting in supporting TC plugins as FARR plugins
--- End quote ---

now that is an interesting idea..

I've been playing with the idea of a note-taking plugin for FARR with a focus on tags/keywords..
Then i wondered if Tranglos might make a keynote plugin for FARR :)


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