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A code snippet manager would be great !

you specify a folder, let's say C:\Documents and Settings\Nico\My Documents\Snippets
this folder contains sub-folders with textual files (.css, .htm, .php, .js, etc.)

The plugin would index those files along with their content!

idealy the results window would show the file names + a text snippet of the file
then we you would select a result it would copy the file content into the clipboard (or you could open it, as an alternative... to modify it)

Hope someone is motivated  :Thmbsup:

Cheers, Nitrix

Until there is a database/index feature in FARR, how about a plugin that'll search the index made and maintained by Locate32?

Locate32 ->

Total Commander has a plugin that can search the Locate index, for ultra fast searches in the file manager. Take a look at this thread for details:

-TucknDar (April 12, 2007, 02:40 PM)
--- End quote ---
Use Locate32 with FARR

[Plugin idea]

msn plugin = index all contacts

to start a chat, do the following : msn john + enter

I just gave Keybreeze a try and came running back to FARR! Having said that though, it has a nice feature. Typing keyword "note" allows you to create a post-it style desktop note. I know FARR has addnote/viewnote, but this desktop sticky note is pretty cool.

maybe someone can write a plugin to interface with the best free+pay sticky notes apps, so you can add stickies from farr.


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