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Plug in for searching with in files, full details of one i need is here:

to jump on Earthcoder's bandwagon, i would also like to see a simple plugin which would load a set of text files (maybe in its "Notes" subdirectory or let you configure where), and then when you trigger it would search through the lines of text matching them.  When you select it could copy the text from the line to the clipboard.

i think it would be a useful plugin for keeping and searching through simple text notes.

note that the farr plugin system is quite well suited for this, can can handle all filtering and matching of lines, and so will do most of the work.  it also includes a feature to copy text to clipboard so it's easy.

my farrfox plugin in fact does almost exactly what this plugin would do, except it grabs url bookmarks from a text file, so perhaps i should just write this plugin myself.. if no one does it by the end of the week i will.

Hi Mouser,

I have an alias group containing commands for an application (Totalcommander). As this application has a lot of commands (repspectivly menu entries), which I can't always remember, I want to use FARR to search in the commandlist and trigger the approriate command in Totalcommander. With the help of an external AHK-script I was able to do this like I wanted it to be.
But know I have the problem, that my alias group would contain 390! commands. While FARR is running I can paste all commands into the appropriate group and use them. But when FARR is restarted, only a small number of commands is left. I looked into the FindAndRunRobot.ini and found that a line, which represents the group, can only have around 2050 characters.

I like it very much to search a trigger commands via FARR instead of navigating thru endless menus. So I made 25! alias groups triggered by the same alias. While this is working well, maintaining the groups is obviously quite difficult.
It would be nice, if you could extend the character limit as a quick solution to this problem. But I think this is a perfect idea for a plugin, as all available commands are stored in a textfile. Sadly I'm not experienced enough in the available programming languages.  :(
Do you think that this is possible?
And if yes. Is anybody out there, who can make or help me to make (in VB6 :-[ or VB.NET) such a plugin?

I support this  :Thmbsup:

@mouser, i already suggested that it would be a great idea to be able to use an external text file as a "results container"
for example, it could be implemented right in the results box, instead of having the different results, we could have the path of the text file:

remplace :

--- ---FARR - Help | restartsearch gohelp
FARR - Show All Known Aliases | restartsearch agroups
FARR - Open Options Dialog | restartsearch gooptions
FARR - Configure Toolbar | restartsearch gotoolbar
FARR - Show About Box / Enter LicenseKey | restartsearch goabout
FARR - Visit Find+Run Robot Web Page | restartsearch gowebpage
FARR - Show Launch History | restartsearch historyl
FARR - Show Search History | restartsearch historys
by :

--- ---resultstextfile = c:/FARRcommands.txt
it could also be a mix :

--- ---FARR - Show Search History | restartsearch historys
resultstextfile = c:/somecommands.txt
FARR - Visit Find+Run Robot Web Page | restartsearch gowebpage
resultstextfile = c:/someothercommands.txt
it would then be easy for many users to update/modify those text files without interfering much with FARR (i would for example create a button in dopus to add a shortcut to a folder in an favorite alias..., i would also create a small ahk script to add a url in a url favorite alias...)
Does it make sense ?

Keep up the good work, nitrix

nitrix-ud, yes, i will be adding this actually, i think its a good idea.


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