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i like this idea a lot, not just for delicious but it would be nice to add to the bookmark searcher the ability to get your online bookmarks from various sites like delicious and include them in searching.

the source code for the farrfox plugin that i wrote to search firefox, opera, and IE bookmarks is included in the farr plugin sdk (it's written in borland c++ builder, sorry msvc'ers), so it could be extended to do this by anyone who wants to try..

or of course a new plugin could be written from scratch..

great idea. i'd certainly send one of the very rare DC Plugin Creator Mugs for this one.

and for the one who asked for it ?  :D


I posted this over on the version2 forum and mouser suggested that I post it here as a possible plugin idea.

...what is the possibility of adding support for UNC paths?  It may be an impossibility, but it's something that would really be useful in my daily work.  I guess what I'm meaning is if I type "\\server", it would list any computers on my network that match that and so on with the shares, etc.  Make sense

So, just to be sure everyone understands, if I type in "\\", FARR should start listing computers on my network.  Once I select a computer and hit TAB, the shares should come up in the window.  Then when I select the share, it opens the folder.

Anyone think this would be possible?

I posted this in another thread :

What I'd really like a pluggin to be able to do is :
- Searching phone + emails, etc. in Outlook Contacts
- Searching Calendar items in Outlook
- Searching Tasks in Outlook

Many of these things are already embedded in X1 or Copernic. So, *maybe* FARR could be made to send terms and arguments to X1 and/or Copernic ?

Maybe FARR could be made to use any other popular desktop search (x1, Copernic, Google...) index ?


If I had some time this weekend or next week, I could give a try to the last idea. First, I have to find if desktop search programs have the necessary APIs (or command-line switches) to do that. Then, I've got to learn a bit about FARR inner workings, but it could be an interesting C++ exercise, providing that it won't be very difficult... but I'm not promising anything. Also, it seems mouser have some interest in developing this (and who don't)


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