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^ I think this would be very doable (for an experienced coder), since Read It Later has an API

Was/is there a unit converter plugin for FARR or am I imagining things?

If there is not, I suggest one... I suppose it could work similarly to FCalc (which I absolutely love!), i.e. you type in:
convert 5 meters to inches
and you see the result in the results pane.
Unit autocompletion would be nice.

Wait... just had an idea - type in just "convert 5 meters" and 10 most frequently used conversions (from meters, of course) show up automatically!

Edit: Just found this:

I am not sure how usable it could be for a plugin...

Here's my suggestion for a plugin. I've used the search and cannot find anything like this: a plugin to search the Windows registry.

It could work something like this:
reg <keywords>
reg hkcr <keywords>
reg hklm <keywords>
reg hku <keywords>
reg hkcc <keywords>

ie. either search all of registry, or specified branch (hkey_classes_root, hkey_current_user, hkey_local_machine, hkey_users, hkey_current_config)

It could display keys like FARR currently does folders and values like FARR does files, with the value type if possible (reg_sz, reg_binary, reg_dword, reg_qword, reg_expand_sz, reg_multi_sz).

Selecting a search result would open regedit.exe and jump to the selected key/value. I've used registry searchers in the past that did this, but wouldn't it be cool if you could do this from FARR?  8)

Thanks for reading.

i have a suggestion.
can a plugin be made to kill processes eg.
kill explorer.exe
or using the title of the window
kill $title$="Notepad"
for the first taskkill /f %exename% can be use but for the second winApi must be used


I just gave Keybreeze a try and came running back to FARR! Having said that though, it has a nice feature. Typing keyword "note" allows you to create a post-it style desktop note. I know FARR has addnote/viewnote, but this desktop sticky note is pretty cool.
-edbro (April 28, 2007, 04:45 PM)
--- End quote ---
I second that, I am finding I am using keybreeze just for this reason.
I also think that if you could integrate FARR with a simple app (one small .exe) like Diana, which is a very small and simple calendar/with memo feature that would me great.


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