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here's a simple plugin idea that i think would be really useful: FARR Command Sheller with Display (FCSD).
it's only job is to shell a commandline and capture the output and display it in FARR textmemo mode.

so you might create an alias like:
FCSD C:\Program Files\MyBatchFiles\myfile.bat

and it would run "C:\Program Files\MyBatchFiles\myfile.bat" and capture the output of that and display it in the memo display mode of FARR.

i think this could be quite useful.

I apologize if this has been requested and or done already, but I just had a very simple plugin idea.

Why not a shutdown plugin? Like if I type "shutdown" as-is into FARR, I get no results, but I want to be able to open FARR and type sleep/shutdown/restart (etc) and have it come up with various options. Would this be possible?


There's actuallu the aliases for nircmd -- isn't it a default farr alias? Can't remember. I think I've got mine set to "^cmd (.*)" regex. But if I write, "shutd" Farr will show me the "shutdown" option. "reboo" and farr will show me reboot, etc. "cmd " and farr will show me all the nircmd options

I have grown dependent on FARR and I try to do more and more with it... One of the things which I still have to do manually (clickety click) is to use options in the menus accessed with right-clicking on the icons in the system tray (also known as the notification area).

Hence the idea for a plugin: type in "tray" and you get a list of all programs visible in the tray. Selecting one item would display the tray right-click menu for this application. Alternately, typing e.g. "tray volume" would directly display the right click menu of the volume control application.

nice idea jabberwock, i wonder how hard it would be though.

brandon and Armando, nircmd downloadable alias pack is here:


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