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Although I haven't used the following:

it appears there is an API (Windows Messages) for getting it to do various things:

There also appear to be various utilities for working with it -- on first glance it looks like there may be some kind of command line interfacing mentioned too:
-ewemoa (April 26, 2011, 06:11 PM)
--- End quote ---

Yep, that's the one I was talking about.

lol...silly me to not have examined your posting closely enough :)

is there a  password manager plugin?  I use FARR for going to web sites but some require a password and it would be great if FARR could also bring up a window with you passwords in for your favourite sites.

I would like to post a request for Chinese users, maybe even for most Asian language users, which is to allow using pinyin/brief-pinyin to search items(for me, mostly shortcuts).
Pinyin is the Mandarin pronunciation of Chinese Character, for more info:
We have lots of apps and documents in Chinese title, which makes it inconvient to locate items using English words. e.g. an IM app called "腾讯QQ" ( Tencent QQ ) or even all Chinese "为知笔记" (Wiz Note), now we have to call out Chinese Input Method first, enter pinyin and find the right character. (one single pinyin can have one-to-many relationship with character).
My idea is to use pinyin or the brief form of pinyin (the first letter/part of each pinyin) to locate items directly.
e.g. shortcut 腾讯QQ (Pinyin form: Teng Xun QQ), can enter "tengxunqq"  or brief form "txqq" to find.
To achieve this,all the items with Chinese characters  to be searched need translate to pinyin form and brief-pinyin form.  I think a new translation mechanisim needed.


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