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I'd love to see a plugin that searches the Linkman database. It's easy to pop up the Linkman search dialog, but integrating it into FARR would be even easier. Maybe the FarrFox plugin could be updated to also search Linkman?

I'd like to suggest two interrelated ideas for plugins, both relating to the use of FARR to bring currently running windows/applications to the foreground.

1] Using FARR as an alternative to alt-tab to selecte a currently running window/app
With FARR installed on my machine I find that it is much much easier to run a new program than to find one which is already running! Running a new program with FARR takes only milliseconds, but searching the couple of dozen icons in my taskbar for the one I want takes far longer. Cycling through the alt-tab list is even more laborious, because all microsoft office documents receive their own little icon on the alt-tab list, and since I regularly have 30-40 docs open in Word at a given time, it is nearly impossible to find the one I want!
I'd like FARR to first try to match my input to one of the currently running applications or open windows (I suppose it would be best to first try to match the window caption of an open window, and if not, to try to match to a process name among the running processes).
I would further be interested in the option of limiting FARR to match windows of one specific process. For instance, this would allow me to create a hotkey to launch FARR and to use it specifically to locate one of my open Microsoft Word documents.

2] My second request is for FARR to provide the user with a single-stop option to either switch to a given app if it is running, or if not, to run the application.
Often I find that I want to use a given app (say, calc.exe), but I don't know whether I am running the app or not. Searching through alt-tab or the taskbar is laborious, as noted above, so in these cases I usually just run another instance of the given program with FARR. However, this creates clutter on the machine, and not all apps do a good job running multiple instances. Thus, it would be ideal if I could configure FARR such that after selecting an application to run, FARR would first check to see whether the application is already running, and if so, FARR would give me the option (via a single keypress) to decide whether to launch a new one or whether to just bring the current one to the foreground.

I here by request for a Twitter plugin, one that would show the number of characters left as a tweet (message/update) is being typed.

There's a limit of 140 characters per tweet imposed by Twitter.

Additionally if the plugin can provide URL shortening (auto shortening as an option), that would be great!

Here is a thread on Twitter alias to anyone who might want to take this up as it can perhaps be used as a starting point.

it'd be nice if the twitter plugin could also do the following:
• show last few updates of a user.
• follow users via the plugin interface

It would be great if someone could build plugin to search in Read it Later saved sites
i mean with better search algorithm


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