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this has actually been requested several times as a core farr feature, but maybe it would be good to do it as a plugin?
plugin to let farr search recently opened files, e.g.

It would be nice if farr could include firefox tabs in its searches. Humanized's Enso has this feature, and I love it. A wilder idea that I haven't seen anywhere is interfacing with firefox to search across open pages for a given text string. Not sure how that'd be implemented, but it'd sure be awesome.

FARR rocks!

--- digiO

FARR + Point Motivator: Would be nice to have a Point Motivator plugin in FARR. That way I could use FARR to add points. something like "pointm 10 tidied my desk" would add 10 points for tidying my desk...

think this would be much faster than opening Point Motivator and adding points. But I suppose I'll have to wait for this plugin until more people actually use Point Motivator ;)

i actually strongly considered writing point motivator as a farr plugin instead of a standalone tool.

if anyone actually ever uses point motivator i'll make a plugin so you can interact with point motivator data from farr.

Hi, I am just currious. Has anybody started on coding local dictionary search? It would be wonderful if it cooperated with tab files, babylon files and stardict files or at least some of them :). I have many dictionaries and have to use stardict now which I do not like... farr plugin would be much better! :Thmbsup:


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