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Is this possible right now? If not, please somebody implement this.
-Code6226 (September 18, 2007, 02:29 AM)
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This is already easily possible. Haven't tried it because I don't need it. Just apply the explanations found there to farr, but instead create an alias to run the .bat files with curl.exe.


Okay I tried it and will sxplain more :

Let's say we want to append bits of text (notes...) to a todo list once in a while...

1- download all the needed files (curl.exe, the .bat files etc., like it's explained in the link above)

2- extract the curl.exe file in your \windows directory (ONLY curl.exe)

3- create a new directory (maybe in the farr directory ; e.g. C:\Program Files\FindAndRunRobot\Personnal Utilities where you want to extract the .dat files you've downloaded (they're zipped). The only one we need for my example is the "add.bat" one

4- Modify the first line of the add.bat file according to where you want to have your little todo.txt file. (change only the path) (e.g. : here’s mine echo %*>>E:\doct\todo.txt . What’s BLUE is what you need to modify)

5- Optional, I think : create you “todo.txt” file where you’ve decided it should be. according to the edited path in the add.bat file.

6- You can either :

     a) open farr's options dialog --> “aliases/groups” tab -->Right click ---> choose "Import : paste preformatted alias goru"

     paste this line :
     1000>>>"todo">->C:\Program Files\FindAndRunRobot\Personnal Utilities\add.bat $$1>+>^todo (.*)

     then go straight to #12


     b) Open farr's options dialog --> “aliases/groups” tab, and then...

7- Create a new alias : right click in the alias window —>  "add new entry"

8- Give your alias a short but meaningful name: like "todo" (I’d personnally keep the quotes in there : prevents accidental launching with the name)

9- Create a regex pattern for easier launcing in the "regular expression pattern" field : e.g. : ^todo (.*)

10- in the "Results" field, write : C:\Program Files\FindAndRunRobot\Personnal Utilities\add.bat $$1 (where "FindAndRunRobot\Personnal Utilities\" correponds to the path where you've put the add.bat you've modified.)

11- Click "OK"

12- Close the option window

13- Open farr, write todo, a space, and write a note, press enter.

14- Go check your todo.txt file : your note should be in there.

You can use a similar procedure for all other .bat files included in the zip file.

seems a bit complicated... but , really, it's quite simple.

[edit : added the preformatted alias]

Here's an easy idea:  FarrTimeZones

User types: ftz [KEYWORDS]
and it displays current time of matching areas.

So use could type:
ftz florida
to see current time in florida.

A nice bonus would be if it let user put their own extra time listing file, so user could add for example time zone differences for their frients.  So i could put in my file something like:
mom +1

then if i typed
ftz mom

i would see the current time for my mom, etc.

ps. this would qualify as a GOE challenge entry.

Another related idea to FarrTimeZones is FarrDaysUntil:

User would create a text file with events and their dates or deadlines, like
My Final Exam, 12/20/07, 5pm
Uncle's Birthday, 2/24

Then when you type:

You would see a display of matching events with the TIME LEFT UNTIL THAT EVENT
like fdu example would show:
1. My Final Exam - 30 days and 4 hours (12/20/07, 5pm)

Hmm, FarrTimeZones could be done with an alias, taking advantage of the sites around the net that gives you that information, among other things like the weather and such.

Bonus points if someone can link FarrDaysUntil with Rainlendar :D

Another idea: FarrTimer

Basically the idea here would be that you could add and manage timers from farr.

So if you time:


you would see list of all current timers set.
(it would be nice to support countdown timers or preset time alarms, or maybe even countup timers?)

then you could type:

ftimer down 4

to add a new countdown timer that triggers in 4 minutes


ftimer down 2:30

to add a countdown timer that triggers in 2 hours and 30 minutes

ftimer alarm 2:30pm time to go to dentist

to add an alarm that triggers at 2:30pm and shows the message "time to go to dentist"

you get the idea.

to delete a timer maybe the best way to do it is, when you click on a timer after listing them all with: ftimer
then you get a dialog where you can edit or delete a timer.

bonus options:
1. options to show the countdown on screen (always or only when nearing alarm time)
2. ability to set alarms for specific days, or repeating alarms, etc. (ie every thursday at 5pm, or jan 24, 2008 at 9am)


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