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Post your FARR v2 Plugin Idea Requests Here - Plugin Writers Read In

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The FARR v2 plugin sdk is out (it's in the non-public farr v2 download; email [email protected] if you don't have it yet).

So I thought it might be a good idea to start a thread where users could post ideas/requests for plugins, that coders might consider implementing.  So have at it!

ps. Make sure you check this thread with the first plugin made by a dc member:

I would like to be the first person to suggest a plugin.

My idea for a plugin is to create something similar to DirectAccess. Allow a user to be typing in any application, and type an alias (ex: ftp) and a tooltip style popup is displayed above said text offering a hotkey combo which can be pressed to launch said alias. This could even be expanded to allow for arguments to be passed as well by pressing some key combo to focus the tooltip box and type in an argument.

What are your thoughts?

Until there is a database/index feature in FARR, how about a plugin that'll search the index made and maintained by Locate32?

Locate32 ->

Total Commander has a plugin that can search the Locate index, for ultra fast searches in the file manager. Take a look at this thread for details:

I was thinking this myself, but not as a plugin, as a core feature..

plugin to search bookmarks, it would be fantastic !


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