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Any news regarding taming disk access (as discussed at That's the only feature I'm missing. Is it feasible at all? Thx.

Will there ever be a x64 version of ProcessTamer?
I know the 32 version works on x64, but a true x64 ProcessTamer app will be brilliant!!! Can you not simply recompile as x64?

i could easily make an x64 version if people think that would be beneficial.

however, do see this thread: for a discussion of whether this really adds anything.

Ability to tame differently on startup, perhaps for the 1st 30 minutes or so.

Able to drastically tame some apps (even suspend) based on number of times exceeding a threshold CPU/memory/etc.

Different rules for battery power versus plugged in.

Able to manually invoke the "battery power" taming mode (for overnight updates, or when I want computer to stay cool.)   Actually, a better approach might be to allow forcing the CPU to downshift to a lower speed. Many laptops have this built in, based on power settings, etc.

able to collect and graph statistics on specific programs over time (days or weeks perhaps). Also, able to collect info on ALL programs for specified time interval (minutes, hours...)

Ralf Maximus:
Disturbing thrumming/humming/grinding noise that rises & lowers in pitch with CPU activity.


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