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Process Tamer Update Coming -- Express your feature requests here!

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Worked fine on my XP Sp2 with controlling Firefox and opera which I run at same time.
Then I played with it and had to disable it.  I do not have lower area of config box with the reset button shown in help?
Copied settings in example(help) and working now.  Where is my default settings button?

This is one of my favorite background programs! It really does help make Windows more usable. 

The ideas I like best out of what people have thought of so far:
* Temporarily allow a busy task -- Select a currently-throttled process and allow it to continue freely until the process ends (or PT ends), without creating a permanent rule.-CWuestefeld (April 12, 2007, 11:16 AM)
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2] Adjusted priority_range:
 4] The ability to adjust the triggers per process.-shmate (April 17, 2007, 06:24 PM)
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A tip of the hat to these three, which I think combine to round out an important overall concept: more fine-grained control over individual processes.

I also like the idea of a list of recently tamed apps and the start/end times for their taming. Besides system diagnostics or troubleshooting benefits, it also helps one affirm that the Tamer settings are working well overall. Maybe the stats could even be exported in a CSV format or something similar for the die-hard number crunchers out there -- heck, you could even do a daily/weekly/etc. graph if you could export the relevant info.

Notice that I'm not asking for a built-in graphing capability, which would be quite the project in itself. Maybe next version.  ;D

It could generate the speed of an application under the limitation. If it is going to use more than the limitation, a warning diagram could come out to make sure whether allow the application get higher priority or not.

Not being a programmer i dont know what these sort of changes would mean to the footprint of process tamer itself, a lean mean taming machine is one i want, i dont want it taming itself lol, i watched it for a little while with the being tamed messages but now ive turned them all off and hidden the icon, and it goes about its task silently, out of sight but whenever i have a situation that used to stop all, i think fondly of the little program with the whip and chair bringing the offenders to heel  :)

... I thought I'd start a new thread and collect some of the outstanding feature requests and bug reports so i make sure not to miss them.-mouser (April 11, 2007, 01:42 PM)
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So, what's news? Hadn't heard from you for a couple of months. Do any of the suggestions sound workable



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