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Process Tamer Update Coming -- Express your feature requests here!

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On top of the basic affinity requests, I would ask a special... I run BOINC tasks on all my machines and use process tamer to max out the GPU calculations... however, I discovered that if I set the affinity to a single core, I get much better performance!!!!

So I would need to automatically set affinity of each task to either Core 4 or Core 5 (for instance) since I have two GPU's in each system and at least 6 core processors running them all. (My fav is AMD 1100T's).

If one could set affinity according to which GPU is being used (one system will have 4 GPU's) then that would be nice!!!!


Process Tamer just hasn't gotten the attention from me that it deserves yet.  It's one of the few programs of mine that has deserved a major update and hasn't received one yet.

Until I do update Process Tamer, you might in the meantime you might check out the freeware/shareware product Process Lasso.

Thanks Mouser, and thanks for the link. Process Lasso is pseudo-FREEWARE, to be precise. ALL the major features are free, it NEVER expires, etc.. I call it shareware because it isn't 100% freeware, and the freeware purists prefer it that way (labelled shareware instead of freeware). describes how free it is and is not. So, label is Shareware perhaps, as I do, but not commercial.

UPDATE: As a token of good will, I'm giving away a few licenses of Process Lasso Pro. This key: [EXHAUSTED] will get you going. If it doesn't, then sad to say it's been used up. I set the limit high enough to where many of you should be able to take advantage of it.

I stand corrected -- post modified  :Thmbsup:

Thanks again. Good luck on Process Tamer, I'm sure you can get it up to speed.


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