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IDEA: Search Txt files export data

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Not exactly a piece of beauty but it appears to do the trick for me. Have you an FTP that I can upload the .exe and xml to? My webmail might let me e-mail it to you, work mail will definitely block it.
-e_murf1 (April 11, 2007, 01:08 PM)
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my email is [email protected]
uploading i guess one of them free sites like:

Or gmail drive.

Or attach to thread if under 8000 KB

What you are asking for is probably doable, but would require a lot of hard coding to get only the info you wanted out of the report. (From just a quick look at things.) How much leeway do you have? You could use WMI and gather the info that you wanted, even remotely, and put it in a CSV or straight into the SQL server.

Also, have you looked into freeware tools like WinAudit and Belarc Advisor?
-tinjaw (April 11, 2007, 12:08 PM)
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tried the freeware tools, not so good, As i dont wanna go and vist 2,000 computers to run it.

If the whole text file was Made into a csv would be ok, would just ignore fields when importing into sql or access

You can add extra entrys in the XML to pull the info for the other lines. It will search each file for a line containing each entry, if the file does not contain all of the entrys it ignores it. It is case sensitive. If it is nearly right tell me what changes you need & I'll try & get it in today.


I added a textbox which will tell you if any of the files in the folder don't contain all of the info you want to pull from them, progress bar to let you know how its doing & an option to switch of the case sensitivity.


Wow, Thats dead good, Thanks so much, grabs the data that i need very well.

1 thing, Some errors come up saying G:\inv\C02348.txt - was missing a value for 'INTERNET EXPLORER VERSION:'
when it outputs, it skips them out in the csv, is there away of adding them but leaving the field blank

It dont matter if not.


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