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IDEA: Access app's window during multi-monitor,mouse,KBd failures


I hope other people run into this problem, and I'm not the only one, and I'm not wasting anyone's time.

  Doing critical things with applications, when hardware, such as mouse, keyboard, or monitor (in a multi-monitor setup), fails, or a combination of failures.  This may happen when setting up a new computer, or if you have a complex computer setup.

Monitor failure:
  Those using multimonitors, have you ever had one of the monitors fail for some reason, but need to access an application's window that was being displayed on that monitor?  You can move the window with the keyboard, but you do not always have access to the taskbar to access the system menu of the application or bring it to focus, or you cannot see the alt tab display.  I've seen this happen too, with VNC type applications.  They only display one monitor, and the window you wish to use is on the other monitor.
  I would like to see an application that can be activated via right click menu on the desktop or global hotkey.  This application would either, display itself on every monitor, or display where the mouse pointer is.  You select (with the mouse or the keyboard) from a list of windows and then select the monitor you wish to move it to.

Mouse failure:
  If the mouse fails, many times, you can use the keyboard to finish up a critical task before you restart your computer to repair the mouse problem.  But not all functions can be done with the keyboard.  I've seen applications that allow you to move the mouse pointer, and click the mouse buttons, from the keyboard.  It would be nice if our application has this function integrated.

Keyboard failure:
  Really, the easiest way to deal with this problem is to run the on-screen keyboard (OSK) built in to Windows, although, the keys are too small on high res monitors.  It would be nice if our application could have a button to launch the OSK app, because you don't always have access to the start menu, and move it to where the mouse point is.  Or even a better, have an OSK integrated.

Additional information:
  Here's the reason I run into this problem, probably more often than many others.  At home, I run three computers.  I have three monitors on my main computer, a touchscreen monitor on a second computer, and a monitor on a third computer.  I use the application Synergy (awesome app) to integrate all three computers as one computer.  I also run Hamachi, VPN, at home and work.  My work computer also has two monitors, and I use VNC to access my work/home computer, so monitor display issues crop up often.

I'm sure this idea could be expanding.  But these core functions are a good start.

Well... As for the problem with having the windows appear outside of the current monitor, that has happened to me a few times already, and i always fix it with gridmove, a program i made that moves windows to specified places on the screen. It works with mouse and keyboard.

 :) To access programs running on a different monitor, try my MultiMonMan. But it starts by default on your primary monitor, so it might not be of any help to you. Actually, I've never thought of this problem... I'll look into adding a hotkey or something to move MultiMonMan to the monitor where the mouse is.

Adding a virtual keyboard or mouse is possible, too.


Sorry about the delay for a response, it's been busy lately.

jgpaiva and skrommel, awesome apps.  I'll be able to use them for other tasks, but it's not what I had in mind.  These will be able to get me going until something else comes along, or I figure out how to do it myself.  Thanks for your input and effort!


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