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Auto Correct like in MS Word


I just realised that although I don't always use Word to type documents, it would be great to have the AutoCorrect feature available for anytime I am typing.
e.g. if I type "doesn;t", then AHK would change it to "doesn't".
Has anyone created anything like this?

I have this in an AHK script which starts when I load Windows:

--- ---::doesn;t::doesn't

Is there anyway to "extract" the autocorrect list in Word and use that in the AHK script or is there a better way to do this than just adding a list of words like I have done?
Thanks very much.

You could try skrommel's AutoClip:

It doesn't involve the Word autocorrect list, but at least it's supposed to provide an easy way to add new words.

 :) You can export your autocorrect settings using included with Office.

It's described here:


IconBoy, try this: Universal AutoCorrect with AutoHotKey..


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