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Mircryption - LATEST VERSION INFO THREAD - v1.20.01 - Mar 7, 2011


Download from Mircryption Page: Here.

This is a minor release with an update of the mircryption.mrc script but no changes to the mircryption.dll for windows mirc users.

However, for users of the xchat version of mircryption, Gregor Jehle has written quite a bit of new code to fix some new display issues brought about by changes to xchat (see this thread).

Mircryption 1.20.01 - Democracy Revolution Edition - March 7, 2011

* This is just a zip repackaging of the previous version of mircryption, suitable for install in the new Mirc 7 and on Windows Vista/7 machines; we are moving away from using setup installers from here on out.
Verstion 1.19.01 - April 09, 2007

* Mirc Win32 - added variable to disable space-to-160 conversions (set %mc_multispacefix to no)
* Mirc Win32 - fixed minor bug on line 2654 referencing $ename should have been %ename - thanks Cham
* Mirc Win32 - now %mc_uniqueserverkeys = yes will ADD network prefixes to ensure uniqueness between servers when using mirc multiserve
* Mirc Win32 - added ability to explicitly alias or dealias channel names, just set %mc_cnamealias_#CHANNAME #CHANNAMEALIAS
* Mirc Win32 - nick tracking is now disabled by default
* Mirc XChat - updated the xchat source version with some major improvements by gjehle to fix action bug, color highlighting bug, and other stuff(Gregor Jehle)

ps. anyone is using mircryption for xchat should consider sending gjehle a couple of credits in appreciation for his work on it.  Without him there would be no mircryption-for-xchat updates.

hey there mircryption/xchat users.

if you find any bugs or have any (reasonable) feature suggestions, come tell me!
i'll make sure to add it to the todo list (which can be found in mircryption/src/xchat/mircryption.cpp)

since i'm actively using the plugin for years now i decided to gradually add all the features i've been missing from the mirc version and in general.

post your ideas and suggestions in this forum, mail me <[email protected]> or hop on #mircryption on efnet (you'll find out who i am (if i'm there))

sorry i messed up the installers and left out a file, resulting in a "missing file" message on execution.


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