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Sumatra PDF Viewer is cool, thin, and open-source

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So... what is our status WRT cobbling together a biggish infusion of cash to spur Sumatra's development? Just wondering...

I actually navigated back to this thread to say that I'm using Adobe Reader 8 to open pdf's off my harddrve and Foxit as the default reader for on-line pdfs. I'm having difficulty picking one over the other! Foxit has such a tiny footprint, but AR is very well behaved - releases all the resources it was using when it's shutdown... I've used a tweak posted here by Ampa to bolster Foxit's rendering of fonts and it's considerably better. AR's strengths include better copy support and far more robust document navigtion (Foxit offers thumbnails only and only if they were set up by the author/creator of the document) while Foxit opens in the blink of an eye...

I'm going to give Sumatra a good run on my computer. I LOVE software I don't have to install. I don't format that much, but I'm still stuck in the Win98 mindset of "prepare for Windows to take a dump on you".

Not adding anything new here, but here's my thoughts...
Sumatra opens insanely quick... awesome!
It opened the 1 PDF I've tried so far.
I have copied text out of PDFs a couple times. I also search every now and then. These would be welcome and seemingly easy additions.

Yeah, I hate PDFs too. I hated them when they were 'this cool Mac thing, now for PCs too', I hated them when people decided to put them all over the web (um... isn't that what HTML is for?), and I hate the idea that Adobe dominates the PC PDF reader market.
Sorry to go on a rant here, but Adobe sucks! They're the worst when it comes to planned obsolescence, they're the worst for insanely high prices, all their programs are excruciatingly slow to open, they seem to make their programs with a one button mouse in mind *cough* Macs suck *cough*, and they're the worst for bloat. If I remember right, they were one of the first companies to include Yahoo Toolbar with their program (Acrobat Reader) too. If money started raining from the sky Photoshop C4 (due out next month the way things are going) would still be $700.

Sorry for OT remark , but would multipage TIF/TIFF  be a good replacement for pdf's ? I use black n white tif's for most of my correspondence & it works fine.    I use Universal Document Converter ( ) to convert docs into tif files

For color images Is there another image format apart from tif/tiff that is multipage ?

I'd really appreciate any advice on which application produces smallest size tif files (I am not having much success with IrfanView).



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