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Sumatra PDF Viewer is cool, thin, and open-source

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#2 - memory usage. 32meg pdf, Tanenbaum's Distributed Operating Systems. Foxit Reader uses ~4meg private bytes, Sumatra uses ~10meg private bytes. Nothing to worry about, imho. Also, if opening multiple PDFs, you get multiple instances of Foxit, but only one instance of Sumatra.
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Good point - I'd love to see FoxIt Read lose this behaviour.

On another note, the last version of Acrobat Reader I used was 7 and I used ARSpeedup, too. Great little app that really tamed the Acrobat beast. Still, on balance, I prefer FoxIt reader becuase it's a tiny download (compared with AR) and is regularly updated. I don't know, I should possibly give AR chance to win me back, but overall, I'm happy.

urlwolf's $100 idea is good - I've got donationcredits I can add to a kitty!

I can spare $20 in DonationCredits, this seems like a worthy cause...

ok I mailed the author, and told him to stop by, and maybe sign up so we can donate to him.

It seems that TOC, search, and copy are planned features. Other than that, nothing fancy will be implemented since the author wants to keep things simple.

I asked if it was possible to implement a plugin architecture and he said that it was too much work and not worth it for such a small piece of software. So if we want new features, we'll need to understand the whole project, and compile ourselves.

I would like to see highlighting, notes, and UDF support (metadata: useful for citation, like mp3s have tags). He said he is not interested in implementing any of these.

I've been mostly happy with Foxit for quite a while now, but have read several places that Acrobat Reader 8 is very fast and works well.  Has anybody tried it?

Oh all right... (sigh, rolling eyes) I'll step up to the plate and give Acrobat Reader 8 a go. I'm just crazy enough to do it!


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