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Is is possible to flip the display in real time?

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IIRC, the omega drivers for ATI can flip the screen, both horizontally and vertically. I'm not completelly sure, though, as i'm not using those right now.

Hm, nvidia really ought to be able to flip... "inverted landscape (180 degree rotation)". Seems to work just fine on my GF7600, and it worked fine on my GF6600 as well. Same with my old radeon9600.

Just beware, when doing rotation on nVidia hardware, operations on the rotated monitor feel a lot slower than when not rotated. Not like hardware acceleration if fully turned off, but definitely laggy. On ATi, operations still feel snappy.

Hm, nvidia really ought to be able to flip... "inverted landscape (180 degree rotation)".
-f0dder (April 08, 2007, 06:54 AM)
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I'm not sure if you're saying that rotating 180ยบ is the same as flipping, it's not. If you flip the image text will no longer be "right side up" no matter how you turn your head.

Ah, my bad... I can't think of a place where actual flipping would be useful, so I thought you meant rotate. For some reason I overlooked the "sometimes through a mirror" part :-[

The hardware is certainly capable of doing it, but I haven't seen any driver support for it, sorry.

Thanks for the help y'all... I figured if such a product existed someone here would know.

Looks like this other person is SOL for the most part.


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