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Are you a software author who wants to join ?


We are still working out the best way to add new developers to this site.

We are interested in authors with high quality software (ideally more than one program), who are willing to provide some degree of informal support to users through our forums.  the software cannot be shareware, ie it cannot have any limitations that are only available on purchase.

I think we have some good ideas that would be fair for everyone  in terms of ways to split incoming donations - one approach would be simply to let people who donate to decide how to divide their donations among developers; would require a little bit of work setting up but has some real advantages in terms of fairness and in terms of avoiding people feeling like they weren't getting their "fair share".

if you expect to make lots of money from having your programs here, then you're better off trying to sell your programs as shareware.  very little money comes into this site, and we are not about getting rich.  of all the people that use the programs I wrote here, very very few ever donate.  this is more about having a nice home for your software, and getting the occasional donation from somone who likes your work.


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