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DonationCoder in Registry


What do DonationCoder keys in my registry ?

i got
with an ID 1Ti+2lq4gVngfHo........................................

and an empty key

what they are for and can i get rid of them (please)


ok i will explain.

i normally hate registry and never have any of my programs put anything there.

but i got a bit playful when i was writing license key system  :-\

the empty key sounds like a bug, i will check.

the other key is saving the installation date of the program.
when you install the program it saves the installation date in app dir and in registry and in a file in windows\system.
if one is missing it will recreate it on the next run.
basically its designed to be redundant to foil people who try to reset the installation date.

kind of silly since the donationcoder programs are not meant to be protected so much, i was just getting creative when i was making license key tool.

maybe i will remove this in next versions as it seems it does not have much point.

by the way, the program will not care if you delete it, no bad things will happen.. but it will recreate it on next run :)

> but it will recreate it on next run

That's it's.
But i don't want to leave tracks on an company pc (special in registry how is scanned) so i thought SC would be fine for such issues.

For to del the key in HKLM i most runas as admin extra, but what i don't could on some pc's.

i will remove registry storage for future releases.

i will remove registry storage for future releases.-mouser (August 31, 2005, 12:25 PM)
--- End quote ---
Really? Thank you  :)


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