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Argus Panoptes Release & Download Information


A new release version of Argus is coming very soon!

All of the details will be available in the coming DC newsletter :)

Untill then you can try the beta release, which can be found here.

Ruffnekk - post the link to the official page so people can view it in all its glory, and download the new official release!

A release version of Argus Panoptes is now available for download! Please visit

for all information and download links!

Please use this board on DC for any feedback you may have, feature request or bugs to report. Right now I'm working on adding more features like drag and drop support for files.

I am trying to copy and paste one of the programs for the license key Is the program page supposed to appear? I can't find an "About" link through the HELP link so I have been unable to paste the license key onto the application as the video instructs.  Also not icon appears on the lower right page frame. Help!  and Thank you!


this program doesn't need a license key  :up:


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