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slenderFARR - a new skin for FARR

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I recently updated my version of the slenderFARR skin to use the default, flat Windows 10 style scrollbars. I'm attaching it to this post.

SHA256 hash: 153c2995ee281fbb1f956a9187caaf82e7c6cbabe89493ea94be6f2c98cb0d60

The skin can still be used to give FARR a minimal look, like this

Other settings to combine with the skin to get the look in the screenshots above:

The two buttons that FARR by default show to the right of the searchbox can be hidden by dragging them out of view to the right. Hover mouse near the left icon to see where to click and drag.

The font style used in the screenshots above are as follows. (Though you might need to tweak the values depending in the screen resolution.)

Options > Display Options > Results Display Style: Large Icon Slides

Options > Font Overrides >
- Editbox height 40
- Editbox Arial bold 16
- Result text font MS Sans Serif regular 10
- Result text line height 20
- Large Slide results line height 11

Two background notes:

The Skin Builder tool from 2006 still works for editing FARR skins. Filename is on that page, nothing else is needed. Though the tool is not very intuitive to use.

There is still no built in FARR option to hide/disable the statusbar. But I've made this AutoHotkey function that hides it

--- Code: Autohotkey ---;function: hide FARR statusbar text;- lasts until next FARR restart;- FARR must have been opened once this session alreadyhide_FARR_statusbar(){DetectHiddenWindows, OnControl, Hide,, TPanel1, ahk_class TMainFormControlSetText, TPanel3, %A_Space%, ahk_class TMainFormDetectHiddenWindows, Off}

Awesome work!
So you would like an option to hide status bar?

So you would like an option to hide status bar?
-mouser (April 16, 2018, 10:53 PM)
--- End quote ---
Since 2008! ;D FARR once had that option but it was removed due to some negative side effects IIRC. Still would be nice.

I know some don't want the more minimal look but it could appeal to new users who are used to the Windows 10 search UI style and other flat visual styles e.g. Android.

On the same minimalist visuals note: in my first screenshot above the border for the results box is visible. It would look cleaner if that border was visible only when there are any results. IIRC the skinning tool can be used to hide the border all the time or not at all. I'm not sure exactly when that border started appearing without any results. It wasn't there in 2009.


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