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Two free windows explorer enhancements

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I like the ultraexplorer. It is really feature rich and has almost every feature that i wanted in a explorer. It quick too.

Features I liked are ...

Tabs (ofcourse)
Filter (quick and customizable)
Breadcrumb Bar

This is a very simple .exe (no need to install) that will let you have multiple panes of windows explorer locations in a single window.-sri (March 30, 2007, 10:06 AM)
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Yeah, it kinda blows you away with the refreshingly different idea - much like the split pane of jEdit. You sit wondering - "Now, how the heck did I miss something so obvious all this time !! "
Then you start thinking - "ok, let's look at all the gui's I've seen and throw away all the "standard" features and think as if I'm a user new to computers - what would I like to have?"
Nice. Really nice. although it doesn't allow you to do much, the life it infuses int your thinking about GUI is tremendous.


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