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Plugin API and Samples for Find+Run Robot Coming Soon.. Requests?

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I hope to publish this weekend the API/SDK for FARR Plugins, including a sample or two in C++.
Plugins are just DLLs that implement certain functions, so you should be able to write a DLL in most languages (vb, delphi, c#, etc.).

Any requests for abilities you'd like the plugins to have?

I'd really love to see some more simple sample plugins written using different languages to include as samples as well, to help others.

The Plugin system I wrote will basically be used in all of my big programs from now on, including Screenshot Captor, Clipboard Help+Spell, etc., so once you learn the basics you should be all set to write plugins for any of my programs in the future.

I'd like to run a little FARR Plugin contest soon after release.. something to consider :)

pass/accept objects via XML

possibilities are endless...

- kill running processes.
- list networked machines and be able to run actions on them e.g. connect, map, rdp, ...etc
- Simulate alt+tab with much improvement.
- List and sort processes according to their resource utilization IO, memory, ...etc.

I do not know what will or will not the pug-in system allow, but this is just a start.

Sweet mouser, can't wait to implement a plugin or two!!   :up:

- kill running processes.
-cnewtonne (March 30, 2007, 12:40 PM)
--- End quote ---

May not need a new item - check out Taskill at DS Software.  Can be used as a command-line app, you just need to add the name of the executable to kill, e.g.  "taskill foobar.exe"

There's a free program killer add-on for SlickRun, too.


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