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Find+Run Plugin System Idea


a number of ideas have been suggested for F+R that point towards the value of having a plugin system.

so let me lay out my current thinking on this so that we can discuss.

i'm thinking of adding a plugin system that would support 2 kinds of plugins.

1) Standard Result Output Plugin:
this would be a plugin that would be able to inject its own scored results into the standard result list.
it would be useful for doing things like searching opera/firefox bookmarks, etc.
anything where you want to generate a list of scored results by doing a search on keywords.  results in this case could be (but wouldn't have to be) interspersed with results from other plugins and default search.

2) Custom Output Plugin:
in this case, the plugin would trigger on a regular expression or keyword and would get exclusive access to the output window, where it could display ANYTHING it wanted in there, including graphics, etc.  this would be ideal for something like the calculator idea posted previously, or maybe a local dictionary search system, etc.

opinions, ideas, suggestions?

Sounds wonderful. Though for the second idea I'd be a little worried if it took over just on matching a regex as what happens if more than one regex validly match? I'd rather have the plugin triggered just like regular aliases by default; i.e. the alias plugin is present in the list and selecting it then triggers the plugin and takes over output.

been waiting for this my whole life...  one step closer to the minibrowser!

i have been really busy (and will continue to be) for quite awhile but after revisiting the forums, i have a hard time pulling away!  i've missed out on so much - you have definately been hard at work!  anyway, i love the direction you are going and i will try to contribute more as time permits.  you rock, mouser!

mouser rocks: +1


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