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Update of FarrFox Plugin (v1.03.01) for FARR v2 - Mar 29th, 2007

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i'm asking if the farfox 3 secret options lets farrfox see the firefox 3 bookmarks.

... secret options ...
-mouser (August 08, 2008, 06:33 PM)
--- End quote ---
??  I'm still not sure what you mean mouser  ;D

simply put:-
I havent used farrfox plugin since it stopped working,
I made that edit re bookmarks in about:config as recommended in your link
I tried plugin, now seems to be working *
but (only) then I see all those posts on last page saying it's working anyway so not sure what's going on

* but I just created a bookmark from the HackCollege page -
"Indexing Firefox 3.0 Bookmarks with Quicksilver | HackCollege" & FARR cant find it :( so something not right :(
It seems to work for older bookmarks i.e. saved before the edit :-\

Where can i download FarrFox plugin ?
The link from the first post is not working for me (error 404).
FARR2 is great! Thank you!

run the update checker from within FARR (see Check For Updates on tray menu) and youll be able to install it right from there.

Thanks! It works!
I have another question now: i put DcUpdater folder inside FARR folder. What relative path should i use in FARR options for it to work properly ? I tried writing the full path and it works nice but for portability is not good.
This is not working.


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