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The First DC Get together Dinner and Drinks event

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So, after a looooooooooooooooooooonnnnnnngggggggggggggg drive half way across the country, Gothi[c] and I finally met the infamous Mouser along with alex3f and vrgirl. We all went out to dinner and then for some drinks and had a great time.  :D This was truly well worth the trip and we would definately do it again sometime. Mouser's new place is HUGE and very nice! His cat told me that she enjoys going from window to window to watch the birds sitting out in the trees. Mouser even has a little Cody on his door step to greet his visitors.  :P
I cannot wait until we have a more official get together where more people can attend. Don't worry, there will be no farting monkeys, or snails to rescue.  ;D
Please let me know suggestions of how to plan the 2008 DC Get-together...I need some ideas on what you guys would like to do, etc.
Thanks again Mouser for letting us visit ya, and alex3f and vrgirl it was great to meet you guys too!  :D

Della and Gothi[c]

It was definitely a fun visit and for some antisocial people we did pretty well  :up:

how are you anti social??
you were so full of energy, smiley and talkative :P

I am so sorry I missed it.  :(

I am so sorry I missed it.-app103 (March 27, 2007, 10:11 PM)
--- End quote ---
yeah, me too.. mouser maybe you can consider webcasting the next one.. will save me a ton on airplane ticket.. :)


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