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Any progress here?

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Carol Haynes:
I had a look to download the early alpha and the link seems to have disappeared (just get a page not on this server error).

Any progress ?

Cheat Sheeter is about 90% done, but it's on the back burner for a bit mainly because i think its going to require some real assistance from me when it goes public to help round up people to write some help pages for it and tweak the style sheets and stuff, and i think that we should concentrate on getting the other apps all updated before releasing this new major tool.

just stumbled onto this (cheat sheeter) sort of accidentally... but after reading through it a bit, looks like you have a really cool idea on your hands mouser-- this is something I would definitely use a lot.  I am a software nut and probably have 300+ apps installed on my machine.  Trying to remember the shortcuts for all of them is probably the reason why I can never find my keys in the morning....... my entire cerebral cortex is used up storing "Ctrl-J" and "Alt-3" etc etc  ;D  ;D

Hope you get around to releasing it at some point...  I know you are busy!!  :D

cheat sheeter actually got 85% finished; the real holdup is that i need to cut back on the programs i have out there that need a lot of development; once the others like chs get more polished i'll bring cheat sheeter back.  the other thing holding it up is i'm trying to decide some major questions about it, like whether to move it to using an internal wiki engine, which i'm strongly considering.  the project is not dead, it's just on hold a little - thanks for the encouragement.

Carol Haynes:
Cooo ...where did you lose the 5% ?  :tellme:


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