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Thanks, Curt, for your response.  Cacoder did say that he upgraded to version 9, not 8, for $35.50, but the link he provided seems to be for upgrades to version 8.  That's why I asked the question.

I appreciate your suggestion about the auto-copy extension, but I assume it's only for text in Firefox, yes?  Much of the stuff I read in Spanish is not in a browser, so I'm not sure how useful the extension would be for me.

I'd still love to know what advantages there would be in upgrading to Babylon 8 or 9 from version 6.  Most of the extras they list as new features are of little interest to me.

I don't remember any new features...

An application like Click Cutter is very useful, regarding auto-copy&paste. However, it has been several years, since I last tried it - I don't know if it will work on a 64-bits; it *looks* as if it hasn't been updated since XP.

Thanks, Curt.  I've bookmarked Click Cutter and may give it a try, though I do worry about interference between it and other apps that monitor the clipboard, such as ClipMate and Surfulater.  I guess I can try it and see.

it doesn't monitor the clipboard, but the mouse!

I did upgrade to version 9, even though the upgrade page initially said version 8 upgrade.  This was what I put in the cart: Babylon 9.0 - Upgrade Lifetime License

I found that mouse activation Ctrl-R Click stopped working in babylon a while ago.  After I upgraded today, it has worked again in firefox 5.0.1, and somewhat in IE.  Recognition used to work better though.  The old interface was better; it was more light-weight and it showed all the dictionary icons in the definition window and I could click a dictionary icon to get at a dictionary easily.  Now I have to scroll through the window to see all the dictionaries.  So overall, it has been a downgrade, except to make mouse activation work again (less well than before nonetheless).


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