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What's your favorite eBay/auction helping software?

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I used to use one of these programs (Auction Tamer maybe?)

Later I discovered a free webservice that did all that I required:
If all you want to do is bid on less than 3 auctions a week, I highly recommend it.

Netvibes Or google Addon - Coggy

myCooqy is a free eBay Web 2.0 search widget.
Surf eBay faster, especially if you use a dial-up modem. Cooqy's filtering technology sends up to 50x less data than eBay, for faster surfing.
Search for eBay items using Shipping and Handling criteria, or by Total Price. Find items with free shipping, and avoid cheap items with high shipping fees!
Custom bargain-hunting search engines let you find misspelled items (hint: many items on eBay are misspelled and overlooked), no-reserve auctions about to end with zero bids, and newly listed Buy-It-Now item bargains.
Save and group your favorite searches.
Plot item locations on an integrated Yahoo! Map.
Inspect item photos with built-in magnifiers...great for coin and stamp collectors!
Registered users can chat with each other and share feedback about items and sellers without fear of feedback retaliation.

myCooqy is free and supports eBay USA, Australia, UK, Canada, and India.

I use on netvibes -


Listing Tool

Quickly and easily generate professional advertisements, auction listings, and item for-sale listings using an advanced template technology.
Supports creating and posting listings to eBay auctions, eBay fixed price auctions, eBay Stores and eBay Motors.
Provides user control of font typeface, size, color and style including bold, italic, underline, strike-through, marquee, slide, alternate and scroll.
Create flawless sales descriptions with the integrated spell checker and thesaurus.
Manage a database of reusable phrases and description to speed up the creation of numerous similar items.
Easily include and organize photos of the item for sale.
Upload photos automatically with integrated FREE picture hosting.
Enhance photos with resize, rotate, brightness, sharpen, crop, and adjust color saturation.
Load, save, edit and print world class item listings.
Preview and quickly revise item listings.
Format with custom description footer for standard buyer instructions.
Generates html web code for export to private web sites or on-line shopping systems.
Post listings automatically and on-demand directly to major auction and commerce sites of your choice.
Schedule your listings to start automatically at any date and time.
Start standard auctions repetitively, according to your schedule with inventory integration.

I use this With my own FTP settings for Uploading Stuff to ebay with loads of photos for free


Listing Tool Online

It's free.
Free image hosting. Free templates. Free scheduling.
Free online auction software. Free storefront and scrolling gallery.
 It's easy.
Easy to get started, easy to use, easy to understand.
 Save time.
Auctiva offers world-class reliability with distributed architecture, allowing better auction management when eBay servers are down.
 Earn more.
Increase your bottom line with Auctiva’s innovative revenue-sharing features.

I use this when at work and wanna list something quick.


This Program has a Auction Watch Section That Loads the ebay page for you 2mins before the item is due, also shows a desktop timer to count down

"Auction Watch - you can watch and manage your online auctions (ebay etc.) using Auction Watch module"

I used to use this program to countdown spawn times in games mainly but my dad used for ebay watch.


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