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What are your favourite Outlook plugins?

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I use Lookout to do a search in Outlook.  I find the default search to be s.l.o.w.

My favourites are SPAMfighter, ...-Curt (March 20, 2007, 04:48 AM)
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This post just to inform that SPAMfighter right now is writing a version for Thunderbird.

I use Outlook and I was about to post a request for some suggestions on some very precise needs

The first one is that i use Outlook's categories as "tags" and tend to put all my read email in one big "processed email" folder, and then I use sort by categories, and a few category related virtual folders (for large categories). The problem is that this doesnt allow me to drill down quickly and i end up using search all the time.

What i would really like is a way to use categories/tags to organise content, then have an easy way to drill down without having to go to advanced search all the time.
I found one tagging add on at but so far it hasnt wowed me but it seems all right. Theres also one being promised at but i contacted them and nothing testable just yet.
I have found that there are autofilers, but i dont want to maintain a whole mountain of folders, even with the best searchable help (and most search technology doesnt work in an exchange environment all that well)

All in all I am most interested in a way to do multi-level sorts in outlook, in a dynamic and flexible way, or some much better search that is usable in a live,dynamic way

Taglocity is the best I have found so far, and I wondered if anyone had a better solution

One add on I have been testing at the moment is xobni, which mostly analyses contacts and emails to produce nice little profiles, for each contact, showing not only the history of interactions (and the wonderful "files exchanged with x" section listing all attachments sent or received, which means I only need to find an email from that person to find any attachment they sent me, i like that!) but also social features like who they are connected to, emailing patterns, and some quick overview tools

Its actually useful, especially the attachment feature (although i tend to delete attachments out of email to save on space), although not as useful as it could be (it falls down on things like how it deals with flagged items and todos etc.)

Thanks for the pointer to Xobni, iphigenie. I googled it after reading your post above (the day you posted it) and received my invite this morning. It has just about finished analyzing my data and I'm going to take it for a spin. Looks very intersting, though I wonder what all of that power is going to do to Outlook's resource needs...


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