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What are your favourite Outlook plugins?

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What are your favourite Outlook plugins?

I use a number of Outlook plugins with Outlook 2003, but only two are indispensible: SpamBayes and Shutdown Add-in.

My favourites are SPAMfighter, Evernote and Natural Reader :Thmbsup:


Krazy Hawaiian:
Gmail.  :Thmbsup:    I try not to use Outhouse except for my ISP main email which I rarely use so it stays clean. I am hooked on Google mail completely. It's so handy to have almost 3gigs of stuff stored in a place that you can access from all over the world. I have a bunch of stuff I use to help friends get there comps running with stored in my Google account.

Plus the 10Mb attachment size lets you send just about anything you want. There is a splitter joiner tool that automatically cuts files and sends them so you can send huge files through your Google account.  For a while the movie pirates were using Google to trade 700Mb divx movies!


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