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Text xpander that can handle RTF

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You can also try the free (for personal use) Phrase Express 4 Beta. The beta adds support for formatted text (f.e. RTF) and vista compatibility.

I have tried it for a day now and it's very versatile without becoming too complicated.

Hey, Hi and Welcome! It certainly looks good, if not a little over-featured.

But I really like the look of AutoSave! It's AutoBackUp is similar to File Hamster (which really is a great programme!

- Perry

-Perry Mowbray (March 22, 2007, 02:08 AM)
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Hello, Perry,

About AutoSave,
I feel glad that you like it. But to be honest, AutoSave is *not* a backup program. It's a utility that automatically saves your editing content in the background. And for Photoshop and MS Office, it can backup the document when and only when saving. So it can't backup your Photoshop document when you are not working in Photoshop.

About DeskCake's features,
Even there have been enough features in DeskCake that worth the price, we will add more great features into it. Because we really expect DeskCake can become a great tool to improve the users' productivity and efficiency.
And all features will be accessed through a consistent approach, i.e. the action. So even some feature is too complex, it's still easy to use.

Thank you for your kind words.

PhraseExpress mimics typing and I found no way to paste instant, so I stopped relying on it for programming aids unfortunately.


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