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Text xpander that can handle RTF

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Does any know of a txt xpander that can handle rich text? I currently use SpellCatcher and MacroExpress, but none does RTF. I came across InstantText and FastFox. The former is outrageously priced at $190 and the later is unfairly priced as compared to its very minimal options.

If you have a suggestions, please make sure it does support RTF before you reply.

What do you mean by "support RTF?"  That is, if you're in an RTF word processor, all you're seeing is the text, so presumably most text expanders would work?

Perry Mowbray:
I'd assume that it's not just to expand the text with the current position's formatting, but to expand it with the "saved" formatting??  :-\

For example: If I want "clr" to expand into "Colour", there's no way a simple expanding is going to work.

- Perry

I'm glad I'm not the only one that wasn't sure what to make of the request   :huh:

I decided to take a look at Fast Fox and note that it's discounted at the moment from $39 to $19.95 - were you aware of that cnewtonne? If so, does it help?!

As noted above, I'm not absolutely sure of your requirements, but wonder if this thread on the ActiveWords forum sheds light on the issue that you're looking to resolve?


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