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how tidy and complete is your music library?

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Do you use replaygain tags?
-urlwolf (March 25, 2007, 05:59 PM)
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Nope, not yet - haven't looked into how it works (the technical aspect is easy enough, but I mean how it works with different apps, players, where the gain is stored, etc). I certainly want to use "album gain" rather than "track gain", to preserve the dynamic of an album, instead of just getting tracks maximized... and I want the gain value to be stored in meta info, not to be applied to the wave data.

I'm with app here... what seems to matter most is making sure that the tagging is correct and consistent; how it's organized on disk is of secondary importance. At one time I was quite obsessive about album art but don't care anymore. Thus, organization starts and ends with tagging for me. I use mp3Collector from to catalogue and tag and XMPlay to play it all. In the past I've used MusicMatch Jukebox, WinAmp, and iTunes. I used MMJB for years as my exclusive mp3/digital music cataloguer and player, ditched it six months ago for iTunes, and transitioned to XMPlay about a week ago, courtesy of urlwolf!

What is all this talk about TAGs?  :tellme:  I have no idea!

I record my music (1 playlist for all)- I click Play > Random - and thats it.

What is all this talk about TAGs?  :tellme:  I have no idea!
I record my music (1 playlist for all)- I click Play > Random - and thats it.
-Curt (March 26, 2007, 10:25 AM)
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I tend to do the same thing but sometimes I want Play > Random > 4 or 5 stars
or Play > Random > Jazz or Play > Random > Stuff not played recently.

For some of those you need tags

And sometimes I just want to make someone listen to a particular song or album

Today's Bits du Jour offer is Melomania, which is a "great music organizer". I haven't tried it as I have mp3 and Music Collector by to handle what I need/want, but it looks impressive for anyone looking for such an app to keep their music collection tidy:

Automatic adding the digital tracks - No manual input of track titles and related information is needed - Melomania will get all the information right from the media files.
Information loading from Internet - Internet Finder allows you to find and download the comprehensive information about your music items and save any part of it to your music database.
Where's your media? - Lend your CDs to friends without worrying about forgetting who you've loaned anything to.
Instant cover download - A few clicks and the CD cover is added to your music database!
Instant and accurate search - Find any music items by any part of their names in seconds.
Support of any media formats - from vinyl to MP3s. Melomania helps you more with digital formats like MP3, M4A, WMA, OGG, WAV and others, but it also lets you organize music on your old albums and tapes.
Track compilations - Make track compilations for any kind of event, from parties to romantic evenings. They're easy and fun to make and easy to use.
Track filters - Make track lists that match any combination of criteria. Want to see your favorites of 2005? No problem!
Customized item grouping - Group your music database by any category, or combination of categories. See your music collection in whole new way.
Multi-format export - Easily export to Excel, Word, HTML, or plain text. You won't need to know HTML to be able to turn your music collection into a website.
Customized views and ratings - Make your lists look just how you want. And include your ratings on any track or album.
Printing, playlists and much more - Make your music info make sense, and use it just how you want.
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